Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Why Offer In House EKGs?


The number of licensed nursing home beds in the
United States1

1CDC, 2014


Number of ER visits per year from nursing home

2N.I.H. 2005-2008


Percentage of avoidable ER visits by

3Center for Medicare & Medicaid

To Call or Not to Call…

Nursing Homes caregivers are stuck. They have no way to decide who should go to the ER and who shouldn’t.

Of the 314,000 residents sent to the ER in 2010, 19% were sent due to heart related conditions.

That’s 59,660 trips for heart issues. Of those, 45% (26,847) didn’t actually need to go.

The Impact on the Facility

  • Stringent new Medicare requirements heading into 2018
  • SNF’s expected to increase cardiac services (Letter from CMS, March 24, 2016)
  • Need to decrease reliance on costly and slow outside service providers
  • Continually shrinking profit margins
  • Lost money each month due to:
    • Unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions related to misdiagnosis of cardiac issues
    • Transportation costs associated with non-emergent and false emergent ECGs
Skilled Nursing Facilities are hampered by the inability to perform EKGs and the subsequent costs associated with residents who need them
  • Stat Transport costs range from $700-$1500 per resident round trip
  • Mobile EKG services charge $85-$170 per ECG
  • Overall avoidable transport costs alone can easily exceed $100,000 per month per facility
ECG services generally take over 4 hours to respond with ECG results > 24 hours later

The Evolution of the EKG

1903 – Willem Einthoven


Not much has changed today…

Until Now…

  • Single patient use, disposable, individually packed device with prepositioned leads and only 1 wire to connect.
  • Improved accuracy and decreased variability = DRASTIC reduction of costly unnecessary testing.
  • Faster in-house diagnosis: takes on average 60 seconds to perform.
  • SNFs can finally triage and make educated decisions on cardiac related symptoms in-house.

What Makes the EKG Glove Different

Fast. Accurate. Disposable. – 12 Lead 99%+ accurate EKG in under 2 Minutes

In the pivotal Peconic Bay Medical Center Study, the average time to complete an EKG with the EKG Glove™ was 1:00. That was over 4x faster than with traditional EKG.
In the same study, the overall error rate (false positives) with the EKG Glove™ was 0%, compared to 19% in the traditional EKG group.
Latex free, radiolucent, single use material and only one connector controls the risk of cross contamination.

All-in-One Design

Built-In lead wires attached to pre-positioned electrodes help ensure correct lead placement on the chest wall and eliminates the chance of lead wire reversal.


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