Government – D.O.D./V.A.

Government – D.O.D./V.A.

Why Change the Way You Do Traditional EKGs?


The number of people in the U.S. who suffer from heart attacks each year1


The annual direct and indirect costs of heart disease in the U.S.1


Percentage of EKG wires that tested positive for anti-biotic resistant bacteria after they were reprocessed2


Estimated annual healthcare costs associated with HAIs3

1The Heart
2Cardiology News, 2004

The Negative Cost Impact On Your Hospital

  • High inaccuracy rate due to:
    • Wire transposition
    • Malposition of precodial ECG electrodes
  • Inaccuracy and variability leads to unnecessary, costly, additional testing
  • High variability rate over time when done on the same patient
False positive EKGs incur costly, unnecessary testing as hospitals are predominantly paid on the DRG system
  • Echocardiogram (~$1,000)
  • Cardiac catheterization (~$5,000)
  • CT Scan (~$1,000)
  • MRI (~$2,000)
  • Holter monitoring (~$1,000)
  • Imaging stress test (~$1,500)
An estimated one in 10-20 patients will get an HAI
  • Average HAI cost per patient: $15,2751
  • Unsanitary– antibiotic resistant bacteria is harbored on lead wires which contributes to the high rates of HAI
1Scott, R. Douglas. “The Direct Medical Costs of Healthcare – Associated Infections in US Hospitals and the Benefits of Prevention“ (2009)
  • Slow – traditional EKGs take 4-8 minutes even in STAT situations

Problems with Traditional EKGs

Problem 1: The Inaccuracy of Lead Placement1

1International Journal of Clinical Practice 2008; 62: 8-9

Lead Placement Error Rate By Trained Healthcare Professionals


  • ECG Tech
  • Nurses
  • Non-cardiology MDs
  • Cardiologists
  • 10%
  • 51%
  • 69%
  • 84%

Problem 2: The Increased HAI Risk of EKGs

1Cardiology News 2004; Vol. 2

Problem 3:
Time to Diagnosis Matters

When people have heart attacks their survival and long term outcomes are directly linked to the amount of time it takes to open their blocked heart artery. Traditional EKG’s take up to several minutes to perform.

Seconds Matter

Problem 4:
The Impact on the Patient

A false positive EKG generates a tremendous amount of unnecessary anxiety and stress on the patient.

In addition, the patient incurs significant costs which are completely avoidable.

The Evolution of the EKG

1903 – Willem Einthoven


Not much has changed today…

Until Now…

  • Single patient use, disposable, individually packed device with prepositioned leads and only 1 wire to connect
  • Improved accuracy and decreased variability = DRASTIC reduction of costly unnecessary testing
  • Faster in-house diagnosis: takes on average 60 seconds to perform
  • Works with existing facility EKG monitoring systems/technology
  • Doesn’t require a trained/certified EKG tech

Clinical Trial Parameters

120 Person Comparative Trial

The EKG Glove™ vs. Standard ECG (Control arm)

Over a 40 Day Period

Endpoints Examined:
  • Overall Time to execution
  • Errors
  • Time of repeated procedures
  • Age, Sex, Height, Weight

Trial conducted at Peconic Bay Medical Center, Riverhead, NY

Overall Average Time Comparison

Standard EKG The EKG Glove™
  • Overall, The EKG Glove™ is 425% more efficient than a Standard ECG.
  • The EKG Glove™ works so well that it is 500% more efficient with females.
  • The fastest application of The EKG Glove™ was 27 seconds.
  • The slowest time for the EKG Glove™ (2:04) was still faster than the fastest time for the standard ECG (2:10).

What Makes the EKG Glove Different

Fast. Accurate. Disposable. – 12 Lead 99%+ accurate EKG in under 2 Minutes

In the pivotal Peconic Bay Medical Center Study, the average time to complete an EKG with the EKG Glove™ was 1:00. That was over 4x faster than a traditional EKG.
In the same study, the overall error rate (false positives) with the EKG Glove™ was 0%, compared to 19% in the traditional EKG group.
Latex free, radiolucent, single use material and only one connector controls the risk of cross contamination.

All-in-One Design

Built-In lead wires attached to pre-positioned electrodes help ensure correct lead placement on the chest wall and eliminates the chance of lead wire reversal.


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