The Future of EKG is Here

12 Lead EKG in Under 2 Minutes

What Makes the EKG Glove Different

Fast. Accurate. Portable. – 12 Lead EKG in under 2 Minutes

In the pivotal Peconic Bay Medical Center Study, the average time to complete an EKG with the EKG Glove™ was 1:00. That was over 4x faster than with traditional EKG.
In the same study, the overall error rate (false positives) with the EKG Glove™ was 0%, compared to 19% in the traditional EKG group.
Latex free, radiolucent, single use material and only one connector controls the risk of cross contamination.

All-in-One Design

Built-In lead wires attached to pre-positioned electrodes help ensure correct lead placement on the chest wall and eliminates the chance of lead wire reversal.

Latex-free, disposable materials promote hygienic, infection-free testing.

Built-in circuitry prevents lead wire reversal and errors.

Single cable connection to existing ECG machines and portable devices.

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Pre-positioned electrodes standardize application and minimize prep time.

RA, LA, LL electrodes are clearly identifiable and extendable.

Efficient Application with Minimal Training

1. Peel off backing

2. Insert right hand into The EKG Glove – Thumb through slot

3. Apply The EKG Glove™ to chest

4. Extend RA, LA, LL electrodes

5. Connect proprietary cable


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